Combat Arms 5v5 S&D League

October 12, 2011, 4:44 am

Global Warfighter Combat Arms
5v5 Search & Destroy Pre-Season

League prizes sponsored by:

** 100,000 NX **
will be awarded to the winning team of this League **

*There must be a MINIMUM of 10 teams actively competing for the prize to be awarded.

Registration Open ! Season Starts October 23

Search & Destroy Pre-Season Overview
This league will be a "Combat Arms 5v5 Search & Destroy League". Teams will be made up of 5-10 players with rotating maps per weekly round.

Combat Arms 5v5 Search & Destroy Pre-Season Page HERE

This is a Pre-Season to complete the Beta testing of the GWL Combat Arms Anti-Cheat Tool. Immediately following completion of the Pre-Season, GWL will launch registration for the Combat Arms 5v5 Search & Destroy League, with an even bigger prize on offer!!

League Registration Sign Up
Team Leaders... if you don't already have your team created at Global Warfighter yet, you can do so here:

Create a Team

Once you have your team created, team leaders and co-leaders may register for the GWL Combat Arms 5v5 Search & Destroy Pre-Season by going to their GWL "Team Profile" page and clicking the <Join a Competition> button and selecting "Combat Arms 5v5 Search & Destroy PRE-SEASON" (there is a CA 5v5 S&D ladder, so make sure you select the "Pre-Season" and have "Combat Arms" checked in your GWL team profile, or you won't see the league listed to join in your profile.)

Teams... Don't miss out! Sign up NOW!!

League Rules
Complete rules for the League and match format can be found HERE.

All Combat Arms players on all participating teams must have a registered Combat Arms NAME GUID here at Global Warfighter. Players can manage their GWL Combat Arms NAME GUID through their GWL player profile page.

** Legal Stuff If you are under the age of 18, you must have legal guardian or parental consent before participating in this Global Warfighter event. By registering, you hereby affirm that you are 18 or older, or that you have received legal guardian or parental consent to participate in this event. Cheating, submitting FALSE registration information and/or using multiple accounts (smurfing) will forfeit any winnings.

Good Luck to all Teams and Players !!! ...and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL THE RULES COMPLETELY! If you have any questions.. don't hesitate to post in the forum.

Posted by: DudsBro



Have feedback regarding the League system? Questions? Concerns?...Post HERE!

Registration closes for the Preseason in just four days. There are currently 4 teams with the minimum number of players, and 3 who, as of yet, do not have the minimum number of players listed on the competition roster. If you are missing members, only 4 days left to get everyone signed up. And spread the word, and let's see if we can get a few more teams on board!

We are granting a 1-day extension for a couple of teams to complete the registration for the preseason. Currently there are 9 teams meeting the minimum player requirements, and 2 who are very close. Ultimately players, you probably want this, as with 10 teams the prize is guaranteed to be awarded to the winner!

A couple of things to keep in mind everyone:

- You WILL be playing a match Sunday 30th, 8pm Eastern. Matches are going ahead this week, but it will be one more day until you know your opponent.

- This extension is a one-time offer for the Preseason, and will not happen again. We have decided that, considering this is a warm-up, Preseason competition, it is in the best interests of everyone to allow the final 2 teams to complete registration. DO NOT expect extension on registration for future competitions.

I am pleased to announce that the 5v5 S&D Preseason has begun!!


Teams can view the opponent for Week 1 on their team profile, and from that same page, Captains and above can post in matchcoms - a private communication system visible only to ranking members of the teams in question, and the Admins.

Remember: the default match time is Sunday, 8Pm Eastern. Teams may negotiate a new time in matchcoms, but if an agreement cannot be reached, the default time will stand.

Again, if you run into any bugs in the League system, please post HERE!

Regarding the status of the Anti-Cheat Launcher for Combat Arms... Unfortunately the system will not be in place for the first week of matches. There are still come compatibility issues remaining across the various operating systems, so as of yet, it won't work for everyone. Until the beta is released, remember that mandatory recording of matches still in effect.

Good luck to all teams, enjoy!!


Regarding the end in daylight savings time this coming Sunday....

Right now, League games scheduled for the default time, Sunday November 6th at 8Pm Eastern, are appearing as 9Pm Eastern. So everyone is clear this is one of the quirks of order for the match to be at 8Pm on Sunday, it currently must show up as 9Pm, as we are currently one hour ahead of what we will be on Sunday.

In short: Matches for this week are at the normal default time Sunday Nov. 6 8Pm Eastern.

Good luck to everyone!

Attn Players!!

I have some important announcements regarding the League.

1) As per some previous requests, the Preseason has been extended to six games, with the top four teams making the playoffs.

2) As some teams have noticed, it is permitted to play a match later than the scheduled week. This is permitted in situations where teams simply cannot make the match work. we do not encourage this practice, but allow it so as to not unfairly punish teams when real life, or other circumstance become problematic.

3) It appears there is an inactive team, or possibly 2, in the League. This is unfortunate (and part of the reason for extending the season length), but I encourage teams to communicate properly to ensure that a double forfeit is not recorded due to both teams not saying anything in matchcoms.

4) And of course an Anti-Cheat system. It seems to be the 64 bit OS that are causing the problem right now. Our primary coder for it, FeanorGem is working double time to fix the problem and to release a beta version. I apologize for the delay in the release, but thank you for your patience in the matter.

Round 4 has begun...Good Luck!!


Round 6 has begun, the final week of matches before playoffs! A couple housekeeping issues everyone should remind themselves of:

1) League rosters are now LOCKED. No more players may be added or replaced for any reason.

2) Playoffs will start on schedule, Monday Dec. 5 12:00 Am EST, and the top 4 teams qualify. Any matches that are not played by this date will have no bearing on seeding for the playoffs, but may still be played. On this note, ensure that this week especially (though you always should) matchcoms are kept up to date. If a team is a no show, you need to post that in matchcoms immediately to allow an Admin to process the loss. Again, any matches not reported by midnight, sorry, but you're out of luck in regards to playoff position.

Have fun, Good Luck!

The Playoffs have begun!! Congratulations to our 4 who have qualified for the semi finals. Good luck to all teams.

Any incomplete matches may still be played for League standing, but will not affect the playoffs.

Stay tuned as Registration for SnD Season 1 is about to open. Also, we are about to announce a Christmas Competition so Global Warfighter can share the gift of giving out cool technology to players Happy

1st place Team TeKneek

Congratulations to Team TeKneek for winning the 5v5 Search and Destroy Preseason!

Thank you to all teams who participated; I encourage you to stick around for Season 1 (sign up now!) which will see new league features and revamped rules!



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